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Q+A with BWBR: Enhancing Technical Learning with KM Strategies
Dan Hottinger + Stefnee Trzpuc,
Dans attention to detail has served him well throughout his nearly 20-year career at BWBR. As a project manager, he specializes in projects that have highly technical requirements and logistical challenges. As a technical and quality assurance leader, Dan excels at identifying process improvement opportunities, calibrating documentation standards, and placing an emphasis on developing the foundational skills of BWBRs architectural staff. Dan brings his passion for teaching into the development of new learning initiatives such as the Landmark Learning Sessions.

Stefnee Trzpuc is a design research and knowledge management specialist at BWBR, a design solutions firm located in Saint Paul, Minnesota and Madison, Wisconsin. Stefnee champions research efforts, expertise sharing, and information management initiatives to enhance a knowledge sharing culture throughout the organization. She works closely across all levels of firm leadership and work groups to develop relevant internal and external content for thought leadership and staff development. Stefnee also oversees and conducts project-based research and serves as the liaison between the broader research community and BWBR project teams. Ms. Trzpuc is also an adjunct instructor and frequent guest lecturer at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities.
Q+A with Andy Ernsting: Activating Knowledge Sharing at DLR Group
Andy Ernsting
DLR Group
Q+A with BWBR: Enhancing Technical Learning with KM Strategies
Dan Hottinger + Stefnee Trzpuc
Q+A with Carla ODell: Knowledge Management Best Practices
Carla O’Dell
Q+A with CO Architects: An Interactive Dashboard to Transfer Critical Knowledge
Jonathan Kanda + Nuri Miller
CO Architects
Q+A with Emily Hooper: Digital Marketing at IA Interior Architects
Emily Hooper
IA Interior Architects
Q+A with Fernanda Leite: Modeling Tacit Knowledge
Fernanda Leite
University of Texas at Austin
Q+A with Gil Hantzsch: Communities of Practice at MSA Professional Services
Gil Hantzsch
MSA Professional Services
Q+A with Haley & Aldrich: Connecting Client Feedback to Organizational Improvement
Q&A Panel
Haley & Aldrich
Q+A with HGA: A 360 View of Knowledge
Erika Eklund + Julie Weston
Q+A with Jack Chaffin and Scott Crawford: Social Learning at LMN Architects
Scott Crawford + Jack Chaffin
LMN Architects
Q+A with Jim Martin: Experiments in Critical Knowledge Transfer at Shepley Bulfinch
Jim Martin
Shepley Bulfinch
Q+A with Jim Martin: Knowledge Management at Shepley Bulfinch
Jim Martin
Shepley Bulfinch
Q+A with Jonathan Bykowski: Continuous Improvement at Array Architects
Jonathan Bykowski
Array Architects
Q+A with Krista Murphy: Knowledge Management at AEI
Krista Murphy
Affiliated Engineers, Inc.
Q+A with Kyle Fisher: Knowledge Management at Arup
Kyle Fisher
Q+A with Larry Prusak: How to Make KM Succeed
Larry Prusak
Knowledge Management
Q+A with Leila Kamal: Client Research at EYP
Leila Kamal
EYP Architecture & Engineering
Q+A with Lisa M. Keith: Data Visualization and Space Analytics
Lisa M. Keith
Ayers Saint Gross
Q+A with Matthew Krissel: Knowledge Management at KieranTimberlake
Matthew Krissel
Q+A with Molly Johnson: Finding Critical Knowledge Mid-Stream at Dewberry
Molly Johnson
Q+A with Rachel Happe: Community Management Best Practices
Rachel Happe
The Community Roundtable
Q+A with SMMA: Elevating Performance Through Ethnography
Brian Lawlor + Ryan Farias
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