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Activating Knowledge Sharing at DLR Group
Andy Ernsting, Principal, Brand Communications Leader
DLR Group
Andy Ernsting is a principal with DLR Group and the firmís brand communications leader. He is the brand steward for the firm, responsible for the strategic evolution of the DLR Group brand including, messaging, digital strategy and presence, public relations, national partnerships, and internal communications. He collaborates with senior leadership and national market sector leaders to effectively communicate the design benefits of each DLR Group studio to its internal and external constituents.
A Wiki for Your Thoughts
Bret Tushaus
Activating Knowledge Sharing at DLR Group
Andy Ernsting
DLR Group
Behind the Scenes: Crowdsourcing Marketing Videos
Emily Hooper
IA Interior Architects
Brand Strategy in the Social Sphere
Cristina Ferrari
FRCH Design Worldwide
Building a Knowledge-Based Practice in the Digital Age
Carl Davis
Array Architects
Creating Organizational Learning Agility
Peter Braun
Crowdsourced Urbanism: Engaging Communities and Building Better Cities
Zach Flanders
Crowdsourcing Design
Federico Negro
CASE Design, Inc.
Engineering Content: The Story of Arup Thoughts
Carmen Whitelock
Mobile Marketing: What You Need to Know
Jaron Rubenstein
Rubenstein Technology Group
Panel Discussion: Connecting with Clients via the Web
Q+A Panel
KA Connect 2015
Sales: The Fountain of Sustainability
Vik Duggal

Secrets of Great Communities & Community Managers
Vanessa DiMauro
Leader Networks
Secrets of Highly Connected Practices
Christopher Parsons
Knowledge Architecture
Short Passes: 5 Ways to Beat Content Anxiety
Christopher Parsons
Knowledge Architecture
Social Media @HOK
Ken Young
Teaching 2.0
David Fano
CASE Design, Inc.
The 4X4 Model for Winning Knowledge Content
Bill Shander
Beehive Media
The A/E Firm Website of 2015
Jason Mlicki
The Connected Practice
Christopher Parsons
Knowledge Architecture
The Landscape of Thought Leadership in the Built Environment Professions
Amanda Walter
Walter Communications
The Social Nature of Engineers
James Kent
Thornton Tomasetti
The Story of Landscape Urbanism
Sarah Peck
SWA Group
The Third Teacher: Analog, Digital, Practice
Melanie Kahl
Cannon Design
Using Social Media to Connect to Partners and Clients
Amy Squitieri
Mead & Hunt
What the AEC Industry Can Learn from Farmville
Justin Quimby
Quimby Heavy Industries
Working the Biggest Room Possible
Mark English
Mark English Architects
Orchestrating Digital Communities
Q+A Panel
KA Connect 2014
Q+A with Andy Ernsting: Activating Knowledge Sharing at DLR Group
Andy Ernsting
DLR Group
Q+A with Emily Hooper: Digital Marketing at IA Interior Architects
Emily Hooper
IA Interior Architects
Social Media
Q+A Panel
KA Connect 2012
Thought Leadership 2.0
Q+A Panel
KA Connect 2012
Trends in Web Communications
Q+A Panel
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