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A16: A Revolutionary Program for Up/Down Mentoring
John Pocorobba, Chief Operations Officer
EYP Architecture & Engineering
John Pocorobba is responsible for EYPís overall operations and project profitability. He leads the firmís Venture Team, where he applies his strategic planning skills to a broad range of initiatives including business development and corporate branding. He is also charged with developing the firmís project delivery systems and securing and growing EYPís professional staff. An early proponent of Building Informational Modeling (BIM), John was instrumental in the development of two innovative in-house programs, A16 and E10, designed to ensure that EYP maintains its leadership in Integrated Project Delivery with BIM by developing the technical and leadership skills of top young talent. Johnís expertise in BIM and Integrated Project Delivery makes him a nationally sought-after speaker.
A New Collaboration Framework For Design and Manufacturing
Ruben Suare
A16: A Revolutionary Program for Up/Down Mentoring
John Pocorobba
EYP Architecture & Engineering
Activating Knowledge: Data-Driven Design
Zigmund Rubel
Benchmarking Isnít Just Benchmarking
Mehmet Dogu

BIMís íFirst Mileí Problem
Rob Mathewson
Capturing Distilled Knowledge on Video
Michael Strogoff
Collecting Evidence is a Team Sport
Debra Levin
Center for Health Design
Creating Organizational Learning Agility
Peter Braun
Cultural DNA: The Key to Competitive Advantage
Nancy Egan
New Voodou
Curating Digital Design Data
MacKenzie Smith
MIT Libraries
Custom Tools for Wicked Problems
David Mar
Tipping Mar
Data Mining and BIM
Federico Negro
CASE Design, Inc.
Data Mining for Design
Laura Crescimano
Data Mining for Design
Nambi Gardner
Design Research and the 21st Century Hospital
Derek Parker

Digital Fabrication: 7 Steps to a New Workflow
Jeffrey McGrew
Because We Can, LLC
Engineering is Poetry
Steve Burrows
Fabricating the Future
Ash Notaney
Project Frog
Flying Together
Courtney Beamon
Delta Airport Consultants
Get UncomfortableÖThatís When It Gets Good!
Alyssa Scholz
Great Organizations Give Up Control
Chris Brandt
conject AG
Harvesting Knowledge and Evidence in the Wild
W. Mike Martin
University of California-Berkeley
How to Speak BIM
Michael Le Fevre
Holder Construction Company
IT as an Enemy of Innovation
Christopher Pinckney
Knowledge Generation for the Small Firm
Beverly Prior
HMC + Beverly Prior Architects
Knowledge-Driven Strategy
Christopher Parsons
Knowledge Architecture
Learning to be Lean
Romano Nickerson
Boulder Associates
Leveraging Internal Experts to Build a Learning Program
Julianne Nevins
Simpson Gumpertz & Heger
Make Project Management Cool
Christine Brack
Moving from Building Design to Product Design
Larry Rocha
Occupant Satisfaction and Sustainable Design
Scott Shell
EHDD Architecture
One Project at a Time is Not Fast Enough
Amy Aponte
Hanbury Evans Wright Vlattas
Organizing Around Intellect
Marjanne Pearson
Marjanne Pearson Associates
Sales: The Fountain of Sustainability
Vik Duggal

Social Media @HOK
Ken Young
Teaching 2.0
David Fano
CASE Design, Inc.
The Path to Enterprise Collaboration
Scott Grove
The Power of the Knowledge Broker
John Peterson
Public Architecture
The Unstructured Landscape of the Knowledge Worker
Bret Tushaus
Tools and Resources that Support EBD in Healthcare
Amy Keller
Research Associate
Two Degrees of Separation
Ed Friedrichs
Video: Consumer Toy or Power Tool?
Michael Woods
RTKL Associates Inc.
What About Me? Retention in the Recovery
Barbara Irwin
HR Advisors Group
What the AEC Industry Can Learn from Farmville
Justin Quimby
Quimby Heavy Industries
What You Really Want to Know About Clients
Mike Phillips
Phillips Architecture
Whatís AEC for Entrepreneur?
Daniel Emmerson
Why the Future Looks IPD-ish
Markku Allison
Working the Biggest Room Possible
Mark English
Mark English Architects
Youíve Got a Secret...And You Shouldnít
Tim Parker
The Bloom Group
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