Drew Wiberg on Building Knowledge Strategies with Search Data

Trying to manage knowledge without a strategy is like trying to sit at a table without a chair. In this video from KA Connect 2016, Drew Wiberg will methodically walk you through how he used search data to build a knowledge strategy for Eppstein Uhen Architects.

Take notes as Drew outlines the four legs of his knowledge strategy:

  • Search: Improve the reach of search queries and control preferred results
  • Navigation: Use Navigational Queries to inform efficient intranet design
  • Content: Identify and fill gaps in the knowledge base with new content
  • Education: Make educated guesses on the training needs of your firm

Don’t end up like Ichabod Crane, without a seat at the table. (I know that doesn’t make sense to you now, but Drew will cover how his experience with The Legend of Sleepy Hollow relates to knowledge strategy in the first minute and a half of his talk.)

Building Knowledge Strategies with Search Data

Drew Wiberg of Eppstein Uhen Architects at KA Connect 2016.

01:50 Building a Knowledge Strategy Using Search Data as a Raw Material/td>
02:40 Visualizing Intranet Search Data
03:15 “The top 10% of search queries represents the rest of the data set.”
03:33 Strategy Part 1: Improve Underperforming Search Terms Using Thesaurus Construction and Best Bets
06:00 Strategy Part 2: Improve Intranet Navigation Using Top Performing Search Terms
08:00 Strategy Part 3: Fill Gaps in Knowledge Base Using Underperforming Search Terms
10:00 Strategy Part 4: Identify Topics for Employee Training Program Based on Common Search Terms

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