Andy Ernsting on Activating Knowledge Sharing at DLR Group

Have you ever thought about knowledge sharing as a component of your firm’s strategic vision? How about connecting internal and external knowledge sharing? For instance, translating a piece of internal communication, such as a post on your intranet, into a piece of marketing content, such as a post on your firm’s blog. Sound good? It gets better. Andy knows how knowledge sharing can generate leads.

If you haven’t seen Andy’s KA Connect 2015 talk about activating knowledge sharing at DLR Group, I believe it’s time. Grab some popcorn and press play.

Activating Knowledge Sharing at DLR Group

Andy Ernsting of DLR Group at KA Connect 2015.

00:31 Knowledge Sharing as a Brand Initiative
02:25 Knowledge Sharing is a Behavior Change
03:22 Knowledge Sharing as a Component of DLR Group’s Strategic Vision
04:26 Knowledge Sharing Creates Value
05:20 DLR Group’s Knowledge Sharing Platforms
06:06 How DLR Group Successfully Encourages Senior Leaders to Share Knowledge
07:36 Explaining Why Knowledge Sharing is Important to Staff
08:57 What Am I Supposed to Share?
10:15 Examples of Internal Knowledge Sharing
14:45 Where Do Good Topics Come From?
17:44 How Knowledge Sharing Generates Leads

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Q+A with Andy Ernsting: Activating Knowledge Sharing at DLR Group

Christopher Parsons of Knowledge Architecture interviews Andy Ernsting of DLR Group at KA Connect 2015.

00:26 What is the connection between Marketing and Knowledge Management?
01:55 Why did the DLR Group team start pushing Knowledge Sharing as a strategic initiative?
02:36 How did Knowledge Sharing end up on your plate as the Brand Communications Leader?
03:28 Knowledge Sharing was part of your Vision 2015 document. How about Vision 2020? How does Knowledge Sharing fit in?
04:05 How do you sustain the connection between internal Knowledge Sharing and the external publishing of Insights ? What are your goals? How do you measure success?
06:00 Does DLR Group use an editorial calendar for Content/Thought Leadership Marketing?
07:10 How do you encourage your (busy) subject matter experts to share knowledge?
08:28 How do you balance sharing via DLR Group’s branded social media accounts against your staff’s personal social media accounts?
10:45 What’s your advice to a firm starting off on a digital Knowledge Sharing initiative?
12:09 How did you convince your leadership to engage in Knowledge Sharing?
13:30 How do you explain the difference between Content Marketing and Thought Leadership to your staff?
15:55 Do you have any lessons learned on managing interactions between senior and junior staff when it comes to Knowledge Sharing?
20:32 Have you connected your social intranet platform to your external website?

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