Kyle Fisher on The Evolution of Arup University

Arup has taken an innovative approach to capturing the culture of their firm—they’ve created a film series. This series, Arup Legends, is a compilation of interviews with members of Arup’s senior leadership team and founding partners. The stories they’ve documented over the last ten years will allow Arup to share with future generations of employees how they became the leading global engineering firm they are today.

This is just one of the many components of Arup’s inspiring and best-in-class university program. Watch Kyle Fisher’s KA Connect 2015 talk to learn more about Arup Legends, Arup University, and Knowledge Management.

The Evolution of Arup University

Kyle Fisher of Arup at KA Connect 2015.

00:15 The Formation of Arup University
00:45 Why Invest in Arup University?
02:25 What Components Make Up Arup University?
03:11 Component #1: Explore
03:45 How and Why Arup Invests in Research
05:37 How Arup Uses a Research Roadmap to Guide Investments
06:40 Arup Legends Film Series
07:40 “Future of…” Publications
08:10 Component #2: Learn
08:50 Technical and Specialist Courses
09:28 Online Learning at Arup
10:07 Partnering with Academia on Masters Modules
10:57 Engaging Younger Staff Through Design Schools
11:57 Component #3: Share
12:47 Skills and Business Networks
13:26 Digital Sharing Tools: Intranet, Asset Bank, and Online Brainstorms
15:02 Are Corporate Universities a Dying Breed or Can They Evolve?
15:45 What’s Next for Arup University?
16:22 Launching a New, Centralized Digital Workplace
16:52 From Pull to Push: Putting Information Where People Are
17:48 Focus on External Knowledge Sharing + Collaboration
18:35 Doggerel: A New Blog for Arup in the Americas
19:15 The Collaborative Corporate University

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Q+A with Kyle Fisher: Knowledge Management at Arup

Christopher Parsons of Knowledge Architecture interviews Kyle Fisher of Arup at KA Connect 2015.

00:10 How do you balance your Knowledge Management and Marketing responsibilities at Arup?
01:14 Why do Knowledge Management and Marketing fit together so well in your role at Arup?
01:51 What does the Knowledge Management Team at Arup in the Americas look like? How does it fit into Arup’s Global Knowledge Management Program?
03:16 How does Research in an AE Firm scale up or down based on firm size?
04:59 How do engineers at Arup find the time to share knowledge?
06:08 Behind the Scenes of the Recent Repositioning of Arup University
07:47 How do you set investment priorities for Arup University?
08:30 How does Arup think about capturing knowledge from departing employees?
13:00 How are Arup’s online Skills Networks evolving?
14:07 If you could only keep one of Arup’s KM programs, what would it be?
15:19 How are you leveraging conversations in the internal Skills Networks for marketing and business development purposes?
17:28 Are you using analytics in your Knowledge Management apps to help drive future content development?

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