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A 12-Step Program for a Learning Organization

John Soter, Principal
John has 25 years of organizational and behavioral consulting experience and has conducted hundreds of engagements with clients at Fortune 500 and emerging growth companies that rely on innovation, knowledge, and focus for competitive advantage. He specializes in assisting clients with architecting learning and high performance environments. John has worked with clients in the engineering, healthcare, energy, pharmaceutical, and hospitality industries. Prior to joining ZweigWhite, John was Managing Director with Brooks International, Navigant Consulting, and Decision Management International responsible for business in North America and Europe. John received a BA from Tufts University.
A 12-Step Program for a Learning Organization
John Soter
Principal, ZweigWhite
A Wiki for Your Thoughts
Bret Tushaus
Product Director, Deltek
CAD Metaphors
Josh Lobel
Founder, The Josh Lobel Initiative
Crowdsourcing Design
Federico Negro
Partner, CASE Design, Inc.
Design-Build-Bid: A New Delivery Process
John Moebes
Director of Construction, Crate&Barrel
Dinosaur Lessons: Learn or Die
Laurie Dreyer
Director of Human Resources, Anshen+Allen
Engaging the Tools
David Fano
Partner, CASE Design, Inc.
Game Development: An Unlikely Muse
Justin Quimby
Founder and CEO, Quimby Heavy Industries
How do you know what you know?
Rory Vance
CEO, KnowledgeSmart
Knowledge, Knowledge Everywhere ...
Darren Rizza
CEO, Satellier
Leveraging Learning
Pam Britton
Principal, The Knowledge Environment
On Collaboration
Markku Allison
Resource Architect, AIA
Storytelling: The Key to Marketing Knowledge
Anne Scarlett
President, Scarlett Consulting
The Reemerging Midcareer Professional’s Companion
Randy Deutsch
Associate Professor, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
The Three Ages of DAM
Peter Walsham
Technical Director, Axomic
The Unifying Force
Lira Luis
Principal Architect, Atelier Lira Luis, LLC
There are four P’s in Practice
Bob Batcheler
Co-Founder / Vice President, Newforma
Translations from Model to Building
Michael Kilkelly
Associate, Gehry Partners, LLP
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