Matthew Krissel on Improving Knowledge Sharing at KieranTimberlake

Do you want to improve knowledge sharing within your firm? So did KieranTimberlake.

They believed the obvious solution would be about technology. So they gathered a handful of smart people, and those smart people created a plan.

And then they threw the whole thing out.

Their original plan was inflexible, too static, slow… They needed something more dynamic, agile. And that was okay. They failed fast, and they moved forward.

Their new goals were about a framework. A framework they could grow and contract. A framework people could dial their time up and down within. A framework that would make people feel empowered. A platform versus a plan.

Give yourself a gift. All you need is about 15 minutes. Take a break and let Matthew Krissel tell you how this successful Knowledge Sharing Platform story ends.

Design Diffusion at KieranTimberlake

Matthew Krissel of KieranTimberlake at KA Connect 2015.

00:40 Doubling in Size Necessitated New Ways of Sharing Knowledge
01:57 A Knowledge Sharing Platform, Not a Plan
02:46 Building a Flywheel of New Ideas
03:43 Three Key Components of KieranTimberlake’s Knowledge Sharing Platform
05:10 Component #1: How the Visioning Group Works
07:14 Component #2: How Knowledge Communities Work
08:48 Component #3: How Task Teams Work
09:46 Example of the Knowledge Sharing Platform in Action
10:50 Supplementing Project Teams with R+D Resources
11:50 From Novel Workflow to Normalized Workflow in Three Months
13:30 What Have We Learned?
13:46 Seek New Problems to Solve
14:02 Organize Around the Things You Don’t Know
14:24 Apply the Same Thought and Effort into Sharing Knowledge as Creating It
14:49 No One Should Feel More than One Step Away from Making Positive Change

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Q+A with Matthew Krissel: Knowledge Management at KieranTimberlake

Christopher Parsons of Knowledge Architecture interviews Matthew Krissel of KieranTimberlake at KA Connect 2015.

01:30 How formalized are your Knowledge Communities?
02:55 How do you manage Knowledge Management Task Teams?
04:45 Do you budget non-billable time for Knowledge Management or does it come out of the “Passion Budget”?
05:48 What has been the most surprising benefit of your investment in Knowledge Management?
07:26 What is your advice to a firm embarking on a Knowledge Management program similar to KieranTimberlake’s?
09:05 How do you design a Research program which is inclusive, but does not distract from project work?
11:35 How has using Agile working methods been accepted by your firm’s culture?
13:01 How do you establish your priorities for Knowledge Management?
13:50 Can you give a few examples of trying to “fail fast” with your Knowledge Management program and what you learned from it?
15:43 How will you connect future employees to the insights and knowledge that have been shared in your (mostly) in-person Knowledge Community meetings?

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