What do YOU want to talk about at KA Connect 2013?

KA Connect 2013 is one week from tomorrow. We’re really excited about the quality, diversity, and passion of our speakers.

Equally important are this year’s cohort of attendees. We have almost 150 people attending KA Connect this year. What a great group!

What’s a Hangout?

We’ll be running four hour-long Hangouts at KA Connect 2013 — two sessions in the middle of both days.

Attendees of prior conferences have asked for “conference infrastructure” to help them connect with people who want to talk about the topics that they are passionate about. We tried this for the first time at KA Connect 2012 and it was a big success, so we’re bringing it back.

Each table at KA Connect 2013 will have a number. During the Hangouts, we’ll put suggested topics up on the main conference screen and assign those topics to table numbers. Here’s the cool part — conference attendees will suggest the Hangout topics and moderate the discussions.

What makes for a good Hangout topic?

What burning issues are keeping you up at night? What ideas, technologies, or strategies are you most excited about heading into 2013? Or most curious about?

Hangouts are meant to be very fluid and dynamic discussions with your peers. They are not presentations.

To get you thinking, I have pulled together some Hangout topics from KA Connect 2012:

  • Funding R+D
  • Do Innovation Competition Programs Work?
  • The role of the CEO in a Connected Practice.
  • Using Social Media on Projects
  • Social Media successes, failures, and lessons learned.
  • How do Generations X, Y & Z affect your firm?
  • What does a successful Intranet/KM team look like?
  • Cloud Computing Challenges and Opportunities.
  • What book are you reading?

How to share your Hangout Topics with us

We’re ready to start collecting topics now. You can submit your idea in one of three ways:

1) Via Twitter using the #KAConnect2013 hashtag.
2) E-mail us at connect@knowledge-architecture.com.
3) Come to the KA Connect 2013 Information Booth during the conference and tell us in person.

So, what do YOU want to talk about at KA Connect 2013?

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